Are you in hurry to get results? Do you dislike the formalities you have to care in programming languages like Java and C? Experiment Python!

Python is a programming language (somehow old, as proposed in 1991) you may have heard about before. Its not famous for its architecture, efficiency or whatever. So why Python?

Kasplat in this link answers this question in two words: agile programming! An agile programming language like Python is useful because its …

  • excellent for beginners, but also superb for experts
  • portable
  • embedded
  • easily extensible
  • object-oriented
  • the way you can get the job done
  • simple yet elegant
  • stable and mature
  • and many more …

In the above link, one can find links to other justifications people have expressed for the usefulness of Python, like the explanation of Eric Raymond and Paul Prescod.

To learn Python, I propose