For us, the useful life of a smart phone is around one year! After this short period (comparing to the price!!), we usually throw away the smart phone to buy a new one that has more updated hardware, maybe a better camera, battery, memory, resolution, etc.

Usually only one or two outdated pieces of hardware motivate us to throw the whole package of smart phone and buy a new one. What if we can update each piece of our smart phone separately? What if we could customize the hardware based on personal needs? In fact, this is the new idea of Motorola, called Ara!

Simply the motivation is that the electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world and mobile phones are of the biggest causes. The idea is to have a smartphone with detachable hardware blocks which are all connected to a base. This video and this blog post explains the idea in more details.

Source: Quartz (Motorola wants you to assemble your next smartphone out of Lego-like parts)
Photos: The official Motorola blog