Two children have died in less than one month in Iran, because they tried to recreate the scene of capital punishment they already saw. The story is extremely sad, but it makes us think about its potential reasons. The local news website Khodnevis (in Persian) has made a study and explains some reasons.

  • There exist only two countries in the world, Iran and North Korea, that still make public capital punishment. The audience may contain children. The child has no clear picture of justice in his mind and this can easily leads the child to assume that power is the tool to apply violence and tries to imitate violent behavior.
  • It is believed that once the violence is seen, it can be repeated. Watching violence, either directly or in the media, has a strong negative effect on children.
  • Public punishment creates a sense of inattention towards the violence among people.
  • Some convicts appears in the execution scene with a happy face. A child may even accept the convict as a hero in his mind and tries to follow his way.
  • A child in an execution scene is often accompanied by parents. There exist a great responsibility for parents to not allow their children watch any type of violence.