How many words do you read in one minute? According to a speed-reading test sponsored by Staples, here are the typical speeds at which human read, and in theory comprehend, at various stages of educational development:

  • Third-grade students: 150 words per minute (wpm)
  • Eight grade students: 250 wpm
  • Average college student: 450 wpm
  • Average “high level exec”: 575 wpm
  • Average college professor: 675 wpm
  • Speed readers: 1,500 wpm
  • World speed reading champion: 4,700 wpm
  • Average adult: 300 wpm

We make a closer look to potential users of this weblog. Its not far from expectation that the majority of users who read this weblog is among college students and professors. We take the average of the number of words per minute for these two groups and an adult (with a double weight for first two former groups) and we end up with 510 words per minute as the reading speed for users of this blog. A tweet in Twitter with maximum characters can be read by a reader of this blog in 2.36 seconds!