My mind has been busy for a long time to find out if this is nice to ask my adviser about going to a specific conference or not. There has been always the question of usefulness as this is the money that should be spent to send you to conferences.

The best one to answer this question is Yossi Vardi, who has experience in over 70 different companies and has been to more than his fair share of conferences. Here is what he advises in a nutshell:
  • Ask from people who have participated before in that conference about its quality.
  • Be in the conference place one day in advance to be able to manage your presence in the conference.
  • Put your name completely visible and near your chest towards your right hand.
  • Catch famous people in coffee breaks to talk. Standing alone near the coffee place means I’m open to talk.
  • Plan in advance which sessions you like the most to go, but be ready to accept some changes in your plan according to some chances that may suddenly happen (e.g. a very nice contact that worth to ignore the whole conference evening)
  • Talking to people has more priority than going to all sessions.
  • Don’t be shy and attack people in a polite way!!
  • The time after the last session is not for going home and rest. Its time to plan a dinner with people you want to contact more!
  • Help organizers
  • Use social media (specially Twitter) to know people and make yourself known, but don’t use it too much!
  • Its important to keep the chains to contacts alive after the conference.
  • You enjoyed the conference? Keep going to this conference and prove yourself as a permanent member.
More detailed descriptions is in the original page in Quartz.