There’s been always a tinge of difference between humor and derision. It may happen that one finds a joke offensive although the presenter aim was just to have fun. This heavily depends on the emotional capacity of the audience when the joke is tickling their lives.So what is the solution? How can we find a balance while telling jokes? The Laugh Factory is a chain of comedy clubs inside US (owned by Jamie Masada.) Different stand-up comedians present there. You may check Laugh Factory Youtube chain to watch their activities. One special property of their work is that each comedian makes fun of his/her own characterizations. This leaves no place for misunderstanding. For instance, the following video is for an American-Asian comedian that makes fun of Asian parents weird behaviors.

This other video is for an American-Iranian comedian which makes the audience laugh by telling jokes about Iranian weird behaviors.

I found the concept “starting from one self” an interesting idea that makes a balance between laughing and being far from derision.