This music is wonderful: “Splashing water in the streets” (or in the original language, i.e., Azerbaijaniküçelere su serpmişem). This is an old song from Azerbaijan that can simply transfer a deep sadness feeling, a pure and clean sadness.

Here is the version which I guess, is the oldest (potentially the original one) by Rashid Behbudov, an Azerbaijani singer and actor (passed away in 1989). Many other singers have also made a performance for this song. See for instance how this young boy sings impressively. This other version is by an Iranian musician (Behzad Hassanzadeh) who uses the Kamancheh musical instrument, making the music even more stunning. Potentially the most recent performance has been in the Eurovision contest of 2011 (in Dusseldorf, Germany) where Eldar and Nigar, candidates of Azerbayjan, performed this song. An Iranian famous singer, called Aref, has also performed this song.

A part of the lyrics of this song in English is as follows: I watered the dusty alley. So when my darling passes through, no dust is rising. So when she’ll come, there’s no hard feelings between us. I fired the tea kettle; I put sugar cubes in the tea. But my sweetheart has gone away. So lonely I am. Oh her memory, how sweet, and how dear she is.

The verses which are repeated in the song in the Azerbaijani language is as follows (made readable in English): Koochelereh soo serpmishem, Yaar gelendeh toze olmassen.Yarim gidip tak galmusham. Ne shirindir yarim janim. Ne ezizdir yarim janim.